Fractured Space — Forerunner Upgrade

Buy Fractured Space — Forerunner Upgrade !

NOTE : Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account, requires internet connection. Requires the base game «Fractured Space» in order to play.

NOTE : This game is still in developement. The final version of this game can differ from early access version.

About the game

The Forerunner Upgrade is a way for existing Fractured Space players to acquire the Forerunner founder status.

The Fractured Space Forerunner founder status includes:

  • Early Access to the game
  • Founder status
  • Forerunner status
  • USR Pioneer Type G exclusive Early Access skin
  • Zarek Venturer Europa exclusive Early Access skin
  • 1,000 Platinum
  • XP Booster (2)
  • Credit Booster (1)
  • Forerunner presence bonus (2% Credits boost applied to all team members)